Surya’s daily fitness routines

Between Surya’s onscreen mastery and off screen modesty is his ability to maintain impeccable fitness and health which gives him a body which is desired by women and envious by men. Like Surya, I am a lover of food so I wonder how he does it and maintain that physique while I’m stuck here with my tummy overlapping my belt.

After reading about his diet and exercise though, I saw a clear difference between Surya and me, was it an awesome secret that he and only his celebrity comrades only have access to? Although celebrities do have extra budget to have a full catering service to customize their meals to suit their diets, I myself have used higher quality services of catering Sydney has to offer, this however was not the secret… Continue reading “Surya’s daily fitness routines”

Did you know facts about Surya

surya-the-actor-pic1Other than being an Indian film superstar, Surya’s childhood was harder then what people may think and he has used his success to put to great causes to help in the community which has served him well.

  • Surya never intended to become an actor.

Although Surya was surrounded by a family of actors and actresses, he never intended to get into film. In fact, as a child, he lacked confidence, memory power, didn’t have fighting capabilities, didn’t know how to dance as well as many other things which he has learned throughout his career. Continue reading “Did you know facts about Surya”