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This is my story

Hi my name is Bruce, I am an internet blogger, I’m cultured, like to travel and an avid Bollywood fanatic. I find acting interesting however I find over acting awesome, where else can I get awesomeness all the time? The exotic land of India. My favorite actor of all time is Surya, this site is dedicated to his work on and off screen.

I was born and raised in Sydney, in the later years of my 20’s I had an epiphany, realized I wasn’t happy in my job and I couldn’t see myself for the next 5 years doing what I was doing, so I took a leap of faith, quit my job, sold my house and spent the next 2 years travelling and experiencing the world.

A lot of people thought I was crazy, I even doubted myself at times thinking what the heck am I doing? I was career focused, driven, had a good job and a house as well. What I didn’t have was that internal happiness and satisfaction, I had that burning desire to do something different with my life. Did I regret anything? Of course not!

Freedom is something that can be scary, trust me, my anxiety levels was peaking at the thought of not knowing where I was going to be in 5 years. However, you are only afraid of something because you don’t know about it or haven’t experience it, it natural to feel that, if you keep on facing that same fear it will magically disappear.

Now I am in my mid thirties, have traveled to 30% of the world, met and made lifelong friends and still have that burning desire to experience and learn new things. I relentlessly go do things that make me happy and never turn back.

Peace ~ Bruce

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