What the heck is Surya up to now?!

What is this guy up to now? Yeah we’ve heard about his achievements, how he’s got to where he is now and his diet plans. But like you guys I want to know what he’s doing right now! For all we know, he could be a has been who’s peak of his career was 10 years ago!

So what is he doing? Everyone is talking about his movie “24” saying that it is “truly ambitious”. But what is all the hype about? Cutting the long story short, he’re a summary of it’s story line:

Dr. Sethuraman (played by Surya) is a well reputed scientist and a watchmaker, has a wife Priya (played by Nithya Menen) and a new born son Mani. He invents a watch that allows an individual who wears the watch to travel back and forth in time for 24 hours.

His evil twin brother Athreya (played by Surya) tries to steal the watch and ends up killing Priya in the process. Sethuraman escapes with Mani, boards a train and hands Mani to a passenger named Sathyabama (played by Saranya Ponvannan) to asks her to save Mani. Sethuraman gets killed by Athreya however gets severely injured in the process, Sathyabama adopts Mani and raises him as her own.

Fast track to 26 years later, grown up Mani (played by Surya) also becomes a watchmaker, he finds his dads watch discovers its powers. Athreya wakes up from a coma and decides to look for the watch so that he can use it to travel back to the time to prevent himself from being seriously injured. An advertisement is posted to pay money to the person who can find this watch, submissions of the design of the watch are made by people including Mani. Athreya discovers that Mani’s design was accurate and then kills him, however after killing him discovers that the watch can only travel back in time 24 hours, so he is revived.

Mani leaves town with his step mother to meet with his estranged family and falls in love with Sathya who is Sathyabama’s niece. Athreya follows and somehow convinces everyone including Mani that he is Sethuraman. Mani finds out that “Sethuraman” is about to die and modifies the watch so he can travel back in time to 1990 however discovers Athreya’s real identity in the process. He then tricks Athreya to tell Mani the exact time and date of Priya’s death and at the same time gives Athreya a fake watch so that Athreya backs off in the time being.

Mani travels back in time to when he was a toddler, and luckily Sethurama senses that Mani came back to warn them of danger. With this knowledge, Sethuraman is more alert and this leads to an exciting face off between him and his brother Athreya!

OK I know that wasn’t a short summary but hey, there is so much action and drama packed into this film it’s hard to leave any of the key juicy parts out!

So this is what he has been working on this past year, keep an eye out for him in the future in the upcoming films:

  • S3
  • Thaana Serndha Kootam
  • Suriya36

Sure they will be as awesome as always!

Check in again soon