Surya’s daily fitness routines

Between Surya’s onscreen mastery and off screen modesty is his ability to maintain impeccable fitness and health which gives him a body which is desired by women and envious by men. Like Surya, I am a lover of food so I wonder how he does it and maintain that physique while I’m stuck here with my tummy overlapping my belt.

After reading about his diet and exercise though, I saw a clear difference between Surya and me, was it an awesome secret that he and only his celebrity comrades only have access to? Although celebrities do have extra budget to have a full catering service to customize their meals to suit their diets, I myself have used higher quality services of catering Sydney has to offer, this however was not the secret… The secret is just consistency.

Like the rest of us, I have been spammed by a lot of health gurus that have insisted with their own fad diets which “actually work”. Remember the lemon detox program? Yes I was victim to this detox program, lose 5 kilos in a week by just drinking this lemon powder mix…all day…everyday…for a week. Was I successful? Of course, not, I started this detox program with the motivation to lose 5 or more kilograms however ended up eating junk food an hour after I entered the program!

One of Surya’s programs that helped him lose 10 kilos within the space of 22 days was the “General Motors diet plan”. The diet was based on a 7 day regime:

Day 1 Only fruits
Day 2 Boiled potatoes for breakfast, vegetables for the rest of the day
Day 3 Fruits and vegetables
Day 4 Only banana’s and milk
Day 5 Chicken/Beef with tomatoes
Day 6 Chicken/Beef with vegetables
Day 7 Brown rice with vegetables


As you can see, this is a very hard and boring diet to follow. Surya combined this diet plan with an excruciating exercise routine to get an eight pack, in his forties! With the help from his personal trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, Surya achieved this by changing his lifestyle routine.

He basically followed the below routine:

Worked out at the gym for at least two hours a day
Avoided high cholesterol foods
Mixed protein powder with a glass of milk after each session
Stayed away from artificial fat burners and steroids
Reduced his salt intake
30 minutes of aerobic exercise and the next 1.5 hours of weights


Pretty basic stuff right? Yes it is, however consistently doing this is what makes this work. After following the General Motors diet and this exercise routine, Surya had lost around 11 kilos