Did you know facts about Surya

surya-the-actor-pic1Other than being an Indian film superstar, Surya’s childhood was harder then what people may think and he has used his success to put to great causes to help in the community which has served him well.

  • Surya never intended to become an actor.

Although Surya was surrounded by a family of actors and actresses, he never intended to get into film. In fact, as a child, he lacked confidence, memory power, didn’t have fighting capabilities, didn’t know how to dance as well as many other things which he has learned throughout his career.

  • Surya worked as a merchandiser for a garment factory.

This is where he started out his career. He was a merchandising manager for three years at a garment factory, later in his life, his father Sivakumar accumulated debts and as the eldest child,
Surya took on his father’s debts. Knowing that this could not be
cleared working at the factory, this is when he took up acting.

  • His breakthrough film was Nandha

Surya Nandha

After debuting in his first film Nerukku Ner in 1997, it would be 4 years until he landed a breakthrough role in the film Nandha. This was a success tamil film based on a young juvenile returning to society, it is a dynamic film about a misfit individual trying to find love, fit into a different type of society compared to where he left it and what he came from and earning the respect of his mum.

  • Off script Surya lives a simple life.

Other than being a tamil actor superstar, when Surya is not kicking some ass on screen he prefers to go on long drives while listening to good music, exploring new places and overnight camping.

  • His passion for social causes.

agaram foundation

Surya has a passion to improve his community and provide opportunities and direction for children. Him and his wife Jyothika founded “Agaram Foundation”, this helps the rehabilitation of kids who have dropped out of school and gives them quality education and equal opportunities, the goal of the foundation is to bridge the gap between every deserving child and their access to high quality education.

What’s not to like about this guy, his on screen aura and his off screen philanthropic endeavors are what make Surya a genuine person. He also knows how to keep fit, to learn about health and fitness routine click here.

Here’s one of my favourite scenes from his breakthrough role in Nandha for your viewing pleasure